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A Woman’s View of Casual Sex

Casual sex is the new relationship. A one night stand, or a casual ‘hookup’, is the perfect answer for the woman who is not seeking a committed relationship, but wants sexual gratification. Casual sex without regret, when, where and with whom you want, is no longer taboo for a woman. In the Internet era, finding a playmate is no longer a problem, because the network offers numerous possibilities in the sexual playground, without the fear of obligation.

The Internet is an important aid in the choice of sexual partners. Many dating websites specialise in helping single females find suitable companions. They do not have the expense of bars or clubs, and despite the increased competition on line, there is less chance of rejection. They simply create a profile and start messaging the members they like. However, apps are rapidly gaining ground on dating sites. It is easy to find information on people locally and contact them instantly, perfect for those with an appetite for immediate gratification.

A woman may engage in a variety of sexual relationships, as there are many eager partners willing to share her preferences and fantasies. No one has to lie, make promises or pretend to be in love to get someone into bed. Terms such as sex buddy, friends with benefits, and booty call are all modern day parlance, and signify the normality of casual sexual intimacy. These encounters are on the rise. Television shows depicting independent women fulfilling their sexual desires reinforce this new culture. Most sexual contact occurs in steady relationships, but for confident single women who know what they want, ‘no strings’ sex is the answer, an ideal experience where everyone is a winner.

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