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Casual Encounters – Asking a Friend for Sex

Is it really alright to ask a friend to have sex with you? Is there a greater possibility of you and your friend having casual sex? The answer really depends on your approach and the manner of asking. Read on for some tips to receive a positive answer. However, you must ready to face the consequences of asking a friend for sex, even once.

Before asking, avoid focusing too much on getting a positive answer as this will affect your actions. If you are too eager to hear a “yes”, you will come out as persistent. Keep yourself open for possibilities. How can you start the conversation? Relax and be confident. Asking a friend means you are asking his or her consent. You should make this clear from the very start while also showing that you are genuine with your intentions. Starting with “Do you want to have sex?” can be a little bit off. You can do better by saying something like “If you are in the mood…” or “If you are into…”. Phrases that start with “If” pose a suggestion and not a demand. This means she can answer a yes or a no and you will readily accept it. However, the conversation should not stop from there. Follow it up with a clear statement of your intentions. For instance, you can say “I would like to have sex with you” or “I am in the mood to do it”. It is still important to be honest and straightforward. Make sure that you are ready to face the reaction or answer. Do not be afraid to explore more techniques in asking a delicate question.

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