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Casual Encounters – Sex and Alcohol

Each individual has his or her own preferences when having a sexual encounter. There are people who find more pleasure in doing role plays during sex or when taking up something to intensify the mood. But what about sex and alcohol? Can sex and alcohol go together?

Again, the answer lies within the inclinations of the persons involved. There are people who find more pleasure and can reach satisfying orgasms better when drunk and there are some who cannot feel the urge to have sex when under the influence of alcohol. When you are drunk, the alcohol controls most of your brain function. Thus, some individuals find it hard to act natural when drunk. It takes a lot of effort to put your acts together. Are you going to experience pleasure when having sex under the influence of alcohol? There is a chance that you can, however, this will depend on the amount of alcohol intake. In fact, there are people who feel more confident after a glass of wine or two. If you want to get over being shy with someone and flirt effectively, you can drink a few shots. Just be careful not to overdo it. Someone who is drunk and wasted is never attractive. You can also spice up your foreplay by having a few glasses of wine. Make use of it to play with your partner and experience bliss in your sexual encounter. Let go of your inhibitions with the proper amount of alcohol.

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