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Casul Encounters – 3 things that girls hate guys doing

It is common for girls to notice small details that cause them to be angry with their partner. We should admit that sometimes guys can be insensitive. Here is a list of things that girls really hate about guys.

1. Date – girls can be very particular with the date. In most cases, guys always forget some important days such as anniversary and birthday.

2. Work – girls fully understand that guys need to work to earn money. No question about it. However, if the guy is not balancing his time for his work and his time as a boyfriend it will cause problems. Guys should understand that in order to have a successful relationship you need to spend quality time with her.

3. Security – guys always forget to give her a sense of security. Girls will always be doubtful of your capability and loyalty if you do not secure your relationship and that no other girls will get in your way.

Although these are very simple things, sometimes you have to consider this because it will satisfy your girl. It will make her happy. Be sensitive to all of her needs.

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