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Casul Encounters – 3 things that guys hate girls doing

Guys usually want to keep things simple, but then there are some girls who do a lot of weird stuff that making them annoying. Here are things that guys don’t like about girls.

  1. Nagging – girls can be naggers. They keep on talking and never stop until you agree with her idea. They will bring old stuff up that has already been forgotten. They like to complain but doing nothing to resolve the issue they just keep on talking as if there is no tomorrow.
  2. Demanding – it is not bad to demand for time, however asking too much is not good. Some girls want to be around with their man all the time. Guys have their own lives too. They need time for their self and their friends. Some girls are not content with the time that their man is giving them. Give him time to spend like an hour or two during the weekend with his friends watching the football or whatever he enjoys doing.
  3. Mellow dramatic – one of the worst attitudes that guys don’t like about girls is that they are too mellow dramatic.  It is normal to get emotional sometimes but girls, don’t be too dramatic. Instead of crying, try to open up what you feel for your man. Yes, talk to him about what you feel but don’t forget to draw the line. You may end up nagging.
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