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Casul Encounters – 5 of the biggest turn offs

Sometime we need to consider those uncool things that we have because they might become annoying to some people. It is true that you can’t please everybody, but minimizing some of your turn offs will help you from any rejection.

  1. Stench – one of the biggest turn off. If you stink please use deodorant. It will help you to keep yourself smell fresh all day long. Bad odor is not good, it will make other people go away. If you have other activities after work. Give some time to go home and take a bath to freshen your body. Use bath soap and shampoo to take get rid of unpleasant odors.
  2. Bad breath – definitely bad breath is disgusting.  Brush your teeth two or three times a day. Visit your dentist often for dental checkups.
  3. Smeared – avoid messy make up. If you are on date, try to freshen up in the powder room.
  4. Clingy – the 24/7 phone call and companionship can be annoying. Some people don’t realize that their partner has their own life too. Don’t be a leech!
  5. Self-absorbed – being too involve in everything can be annoying too. If you think that you have nothing to do with that issue or happenings, please don’t involve yourself.
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