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Casul Encounters – 5 top fears of getting married

Gramophonic also known as fear of getting married. These people may love a person, but when they discover that their partner wants to get serious and wants to have a marriage proposal they eventually lose their love or interest.

Here are the 5 top fears of getting married:

1. The fear of divorce – probably the scariest thing that could happen in your married life. Divorce is not an easy thing to deal with. It may affect the life of your children.

2. The fear of emulation – you are afraid that you may emulate the kind of marriage that your parents had. This traumatic experience may occur for those people who have experienced broken family.

3. The fear of unknown – this situation is very common. You tend to ask about the things that you don’t have a clue about. You are afraid of trying things because you may end up as failure.

4. The fear of falling out of love – this may lead to divorce if you don’t fix.

5. The fear of cheating – you are afraid that your partner will cheat on you even if you are already married.

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