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Casul Encounters – Cheating girlfriend

No man likes to be cheated on by his girl. Although men aren’t good at showing their emotions, still they get hurt when cheated. But how can we tell if the girl is really cheating.

Signs of a cheating girlfriend:

Changing style of clothing. For a normal girl, they tend to change their style but somehow they don’t go too far away from their previous style. A girl who is cheating may change her style from conservative to more provocative. There are conservative styles yet fashionable. Therefore, there is no reason for a faithful girl to show some skin.

Wearing some sexy lingerie is not really an issue. Girls should wear them sometimes to attract the attention of their man. However, if she is wearing it but definitely not seducing you and they don’t want to make love to you them you should there may be an issue.

Phone calls and text messages – A girl who is spending most of her time on the phone which is not her usual habit and deleting all the messages in her mobile phone is hiding something. You should pay attention to her reaction to all the calls that she receives.

However, before judging her actions try to investigate. Ask some of her friends, colleagues or family if they notice something different from her.

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